Friday, May 24, 2013

Every Summer has a Story | DENIM + SHADES

First ever masterpiece of my best friend Aiza Atregenio. I love the idea, I love the editing, it was epic.

Model | Kim Quilantip and Gerard Adrian Galan
Photographer | Aiza Atregenio
Fashionlibraryph production

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Accidentally A-lister | Fashionlibraryph Holiday Campaign 2012

    It was a fine sunny morning of November 1st when me and my team mates go on a photo shoot for the Fashionlibraryph outfit collection. The head of fashionlibraryph Aiza Atregenio who happens to be my best friend chooses me to be the head photographer , together with Jean Atregenio  (assistant photographer),  and Sheryl Atregenio  (model). 

     It was Sheryl Atregenio who we are shooting that day. But it so happens that Jean and I decided to play dress up in front of the camera during our break for the purpose of updating our profile picture. But it turns out really well. Thanks Jean hehe...